99Liga #15: mCb vs. T9L

2020-06-28 20:00 CEST
Spieltag 3




      Logs (24)
      Zeit Nutzer Aktion Details
      System (admin) report Gameye marked map 72529 as finished
      DontWakeDrake (admin) change_score Manually adjusted score to 0:2
      DontWakeDrake (admin) change_status Manually adjusted status to finished
      xXNihilusXx (Team 2) server_request Hosted de_inferno
      System (admin) report Received result from Gameye
      System (admin) report Gameye marked map 71797 as finished
      Equali (Team 1) server_request Hosted de_nuke
      System (admin) mapvote_ended de_nuke, de_inferno
      System (Team 1) mapvote_ready
      System (Team 2) mapvote_ready
      PPK12 (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      Equali (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      NovA_R (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      Jokerboy (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      XyRnD (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      Kn0chenkopp (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      bLaaacK (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      MrBuZz (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      xXNihilusXx (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      HarlemHaze (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      Equali (Team 1) lineup_submit 1109925:Equali, 1108038:Jokerboy, 1108041:NovA_R, 1588336:PPK12, 1109544:XyRnD
      xXNihilusXx (Team 2) lineup_submit 1324072:xXNihilusXx, 1307428:HarlemHaze, 1506671:bLaaacK, 1364183:MrBuZz, 1327653:Kn0chenkopp
      System (admin) scheduling_autoconfirm Suggest was made more than 48 hours ago.
      xXNihilusXx (Team 2) scheduling_suggest 0: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 20:00:00 +0200